Black Creek Brewery

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Black Creek Brewery

There's a saying, "Beer; because no good story ever started over a glass of water." But OUR story actually began by the water, and even floating on top of it.

Back in late 1989, early 1990, our Brewmaster, Dan, was living the life, with his new wife, in sunny San Diego. Designing rockets for an aerospace company at sunrise, surfing waves at sunset (even being speared by a stingray, but that's another story, best heard over, well, beers) and on the weekends, dabbling in a little known hobby at the time called CRAFT BREWING. With no real place to call a brewer's home, Dan and his other rocket science coworkers , would get together in his tiny condo kitchen with buckets, cheesecloth and bottle fillers (oh my!) to quench a thirst only their creation could. There was much trial and error because back then equipment and supplies were not plentiful. But they kept brewing, after all, it wasn't rocket science. It was harder!

Dan and his family moved to Holly Springs, North Carolina in 1995, where his brewing digs got a little fancier with a bigger kitchen, more plentiful supplies, the discovery of kegs over bottles, and connecting with other home brewers. For these folks, brewing wasn't just a hobby, it was a way of life and Dan knew NC was the place to be. After moving to Cary in 2012, it was there, nestled next to the running waters of Black Creek, he partnered with his Professional Engineer brother, Mike, and began their pilot brewery in Dan's garage. Once a week, Mike would take the route from Roxboro to collaborate on the brews. Inspired by the natural wildlife that would frequently make an appearance on any given brew day, Dan and Mike continually perfected their process, creating the delicious styles we know now, such as Sunny Day IPA, Fish Tail Ale, Copperhead Red, and Blue Heron Wit.

Dan and Mike have had folks, literally, knock on the rolling garage door looking to buy a keg. Friends always want them to "bring a growler" to any function. They realized, it was time to have a permanent brewing facility. Condo kitchens and garages are great, but if they needed to take it to the people, they couldn't think of a better place to open their official brewery than in Mike's adopted hometown- Roxboro! With its small town feel and history, they know Roxboro has the roots to give BCB life. Dan and Mike invite you to visit Black Creek Brewery on Depot Street. Stories welcome.  Mike wife Kate Lagaly is an artist and her paintings are on display at the Brewery. So even if you might not drink beer - come in to see the art work!

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111 Depot St, Roxboro, NC 27573
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