Art in Living

The heart of Person County

There’s a ton to do! Enjoy a plethora of shopping and dining, arts, and events experiences in Uptown Roxboro’s quaint and historic urban neighborhood.

Photography by Dwayne Reaves.
Three women laugh at a restaurant table with glasses of beer

Pick up a bit of Rox.

From local artisans to locally produced goods and a six-pack to-go of locally brewed beer, there are a ton of ways to support your local Roxboro businesses.

A fork lifts a cheesy bit of food from a white dish on a brown wooden table, surrounded by other dishes of food

Bursting with flavors!

Uptown Roxboro is home to a variety of cuisines from southern cooking to Mexican dishes. Don’t have time for a meal? Order it for pick-up!

A queen size bed next to a set of built-in bunk beds

C’mon! Stay for a while.

An area as special as this one just begs for an overnight stay. And there are plenty of lodging options so you can extend your visit in comfort.

A black metal sign reading 'Uptown Roxboro' suspended between two red brick buildings

why Uptown Roxboro?

Uptown Roxboro offers a unique and vibrant experience that captivates visitors with its essence of “art in living.” Serving as the heart and pulse of Person County, this charming locale is a testament to the flourishing creative spirit of the community.

The area thrives on supporting local businesses, each with its own distinctive flair, contributing to a diverse and engaging atmosphere. Beyond commerce, Uptown Roxboro is a haven of inclusive and inviting gathering places, fostering a sense of community among residents and visitors alike. The promotion of arts and entertainment is woven into the fabric of this district, providing a rich cultural tapestry for those who explore its streets.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, there’s something for everyone in Uptown Roxboro. The small-town feel envelops you, creating an atmosphere where time seems to slow down, allowing you to immerse yourself in the charm and warmth that defines this enchanting destination. Spend hours discovering hidden gems, savoring local delights, and relishing the welcoming embrace of a community that takes pride in its unique identity.

Uptown Roxboro beckons, promising an experience that lingers in your memory and invites you to become a part of its vibrant story.

Inspirational Itineraries

Breakfast & Brunch

Uptown Rox has a ton of options for grab-and-go breakfasts to leisurely sit-down-and-visits-turn-into-brunch.

So many lunch options

From fast food to fine dining, Uptown Rox restaurants are sure to have something to satisfy your palate. And there’s nothing better than an afternoon meeting with a local brew!

A cup of coffee, cream, and several slices of bread are displayed on a wooden serving tray
For a fun night on the town, it’s Uptown Roxboro!

Whether it’s a night of fine dining, art exhibits, and cocktails or one of food truck tacos and tequila shots with cerveza chasers while watching the game, nothing makes date night, girls’ night, or dudes’ night out better than a walking tour around Uptown Rox.

Your weeknights have never been so easy

It’s six o’clock and you’re wondering what’s for dinner. Make it a night out at Uptown Roxboro! Pizza for the family local beer for the grown-ups. Food trucks and a walking tour of our public art. It’s an easy and immersive Roxboro experience. 

Uptown Rox News & Updates

Cruising Towards a Thrilling Partnership: Person County Tourism Development Joins Rox N’Roll Cruise-In Series

Cruising Towards a Thrilling Partnership: Person County Tourism Development Joins Rox N’Roll Cruise-In Series

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership for the Rox N'Roll Cruise-In Series, as Person County Tourism Development steps in as our esteemed Title Sponsor! At the heart of this alliance lies a shared commitment to community enrichment and the celebration...

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Embracing the Heartbeat of Your Community: The Importance of Shopping Local and Supporting Small Businesses

Embracing the Heartbeat of Your Community: The Importance of Shopping Local and Supporting Small Businesses

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it's easy to overlook the quiet heroes of our communities—the small businesses that dot our streets, each with its own unique charm and offerings. In today's fast-paced world, where the convenience of big-box retailers and...

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Get out and about in Uptown Roxboro

Get out and about in Uptown Roxboro

The weather is warming up and the opportunities to get out and enjoy the beautiful days are upon us! Stroll through Uptown Roxboro from the Person County Public Library all the way up to the Person County Museum of History and everywhere in between. You can soak up...

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