Hopper’s Poppers

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Hopper’s Poppers

Hopper's Poppers' where it all began

The idea behind Hopper's Poppers began in 2010 when the owner, Ryan Hopper, wanted to bring something new to his parents' theater business. The idea began as a simple plan to enhance the Sycamore Theater's concessions by offering customers a variety of gourmet popcorn flavors. Together, Ryan and his family brought Hopper's Poppers popcorn to local farmers' markets and festivals, which in return spread the word of our delicious popcorn.

As our name became more popular, in 2016, we made the decision as a family to move out of Sycamore, IL to Oregon, IL where Ryan's family bought their forever home. In the same year they were lucky to come across an amazing opportunity and building. This soon became the first location of Hopper's Poppers. Oregon, IL has been extremely supportive, and the store has branched out and now offers many other products. On a visit you can experience a family-friendly environment where children can play, families can play games as well as indulge in any of our 10 daily flavors of popcorn, delicious Hershey's ice cream, confectionery chocolates, candied nuts, and more.

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234 N Madison Blvd, Roxboro, NC 27573

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