Old Country Club Steak House

A large stone fireplace in a restaurant surrounded by tables with green tablecloths

Old Country Club Steak House

In 1910 a group of young men in Person County formed an organization for the purpose of building a lodge at Loch Lilly which is now known as Chub Lake. The lodge was used for recreational purposes until the mid 1930's when the newly-formed Roxboro Country Club purchased the old lodge. In late 1969 a new clubhouse was built and RCC vacated the old lodge.

Bobby Dixon, Macon Ollis, and Aaron & Wesley Long took over the old lodge and turned it into a restaurant, The Old Country Club Steak House, which operated from March 31, 1970, until Thomas Long purchased the restaurant equipment in October of 1972.

Thomas kept the name but had many plans for renovation and expansion. A small stockroom was transformed into a private dining room. When the line of customers became so long that people were standing outside, Thomas enclosed the back porch to provide a waiting area. At the same time, the kitchen grill area was enlarged to accommodate two cooks instead of one. The first major addition to the restaurant was the construction of a large main dining room known as the right wing.

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