Person County Quilt Trail

A tan barn surrounded by green grass has a painted quilt above the entrance

Person County Quilt Trail

The Person County Quilt Trail began as an idea in 2015. With grant funding from the N.C. Dept. of Commerce and management by the Piedmont Conservation Council, the trail has become a reality. The ultimate goal is for a continuous Quilt Trail that travels throughout the North Carolina Piedmont. Presently the counties participating are Person, Randolph, and Rockingham.

The painted quilt squares are unique and reflect the history of this area's agriculture and the passions of the trail's participants. Many squares are painted from family heirloom quilts while some were designed to show the history of or the present day working on the farm.

Visitors are encouraged to stop and take photographs from the roadside. Several farms may also offer their seasonal produce or other goods for sale. While touring the Quilt Trail, please be considerate of private property.

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