Rock of Ages Winery & Vineyard

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Rock of Ages Winery & Vineyard

The beginning of Rock of Ages Winery started around a campfire. When our kids were younger we would go camping with Kevin?s brother Herb, his wife Beverly and their son Adam for the week of July fourth. This was a great way to enjoy the family and get away from the hustle and bustle. Herb would make our camping reservation usually at a state park. This was wonderful because it would allow us to visit new places and share historical information with our kids. The wonderful thing about most of the State Parks is they are very clean and well maintained. However, most of them don?t have some of the amenities that we all love, ie. internet and cable. With this said we were able to spend quality time with our kids, hiking, biking, swimming, grilling and talking around the campfire. This is when Kevin decided to plant the vineyard. We inherited the family farm when his dad past away in 1999 and we wanted to do something with the farm to preserve the family farming tradition. Kevin decided to plant 3 acres, and so the journey began.

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1890 Charlie Long Road, Hurdle Mills, NC 27541

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