T’s Barnquilts

T’s Barnquilts

T’s Barnquilts

Woven Earth is a line of wellness products made with the highest quality, all-natural, traceable hemp ingredients. We strive to bring you the truest representation of the hemp plant. Using lipid infusion, we gently coax all the beneficial compounds out of the whole hemp flower, producing rich full-spectrum oil. We have woven this oil into natural, sustainably sourced ingredients to bring you our line of pure and highly effective hemp wellness products.

Woven Earth was born through years of community support and listening. Rooted in Roxboro, NC, we have been developing hemp-based products for the past three years with our local farmers and for our local community. Throughout the years, we have made sure to listen to our community and adjust our products to fit their needs.

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44 Gordon St, Roxboro, NC 27573

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