Sometimes Doing Nothing Is Everything

Sunglasses? Check. Sunscreen? Check. A few friends, a few days and a few bucks to spare? Congratulations. You now have all you need to enjoy a Summer in Person County, North Carolina.

Forget that long, congested drive through the mountains just to reach a private patch of water. Here, you have your choice of two magical public lakes, each within spitting distance of everything you need to get back to (or stay far away from!) your day-to-day reality.

Hop on a jet ski and perfect your wake-to-wake jump. Fly across a bus on your wakeboard. Try your luck reeling in tonight’s dinner. Or grab that book that everyone’s read but you and curl up in a hammock by the shore. As we say in Person County, “Sometimes doing nothing is everything.”

Get your fun on at Mayo Lake
Ideal for families, Mayo Lake and the surrounding Mayo Park is the perfect spot for quality fishing, easy camping and to get your waterfront adrenaline fix.

Located 8 miles north of Roxboro and 3 miles south of the Virginia line, this 120-acre natural area has lots to do. Take your boat out for the day. Explore the wilderness on an afternoon hike. You may even see Sasquatch. Not the hairy-kinda-like-an-ape-man Sasquatch, but our 18-hole, award-winning disc gold course.

Campsite & Cabin Rentals
Rent out one of the many cabins or private homes that dot the waterline and make a weekend of your visit. Choices range from the truly Insta-worthy all the way through a host of charming, just-right-for-right-now options.

You can rent an entire lakeside cottage for four–complete with a TV, refrigerator and view–for $65-$75 per night.

The camping area provides a unique opportunity for the general public to spend time on the lake. There are 65 RV campsites at a cost ranging from $30-$45 per night. The 16 primitive campsites are just $25 per night. Monthly rental rates are also available.

Relax and unwind at Hyco Lake
Gorgeous Hyco Lake is just 10 miles west of Uptown Roxboro. It was constructed in the early 1960s and covers 3,750 acres with more than 120 miles of shoreline. That’s a lot of pretty to look at.

Over 1,600 homes have been constructed around the lake with approximately half of those occupied by residents year-round. The other half are up for rent during the Summer months. You can score anything from a rustic cottage to a mega-mansion fully stocked for fun. Plan a weekend up with friends and family. Image waking up to a sunrise over the water and a day of kayaking, canoeing or just sharing a few stories and bottles of wine.

Check out some rental properties, just click here.

Earn your own fish story
In Person County we believe if you cook a man a fish you feed him for a day. But teach a man to fish and you get rid of him for the whole weekend.

That’s why wives and girlfriends have been sending their significant others to Hyco Lake for over 50 years now. Numerous fishing tournaments are held throughout the year. Large areas of the shoreline are undeveloped and offer exceptional fishing holes. Drop in your line and you’ll probably pull out a Bass or a Crappie. You’ll definitely go home with a story or two.

Learn to Jump a Bus
Get ready to mark wakeboarding off your bucket list. Because just outside of Person County is the an award-winning and internationally recognized wake boarding park called Jibtopia.

This place is where fun gets chill bumps. It’s that awesome. Situated on a private lake, riders are pulled by an overhead cable system across the water at variable speeds. There are three different cables for the novice (what am I doing here?) to the advanced (Holy, $%^&!?).

As your confidence and skills grow, the lake has a number of features to help you get some air or simply make an impressive splash. Jump off a hand rail or hubba ledge. Slide across a mini-pipe. Or, when you’re truly ready to school the crowd, catch some air off of an actual bus parked just to the side of the lake.

Riders from around the world come here to learn, improve their skill and just hang out. On any given weekend you may find visitors from Argentina, Germany, Sweden, or Australia.

If wakeboarding is not your thing, you can still plan a day at Jibtopia. The property also includes outdoor activities like horse trail rides, beach volleyball, swimming, 10 miles of dirt bike and ATV trails and more. Hop online and start planning a visit today:

Take on Sasquach
Are you ready to take on Sasquatch? Not the hairy-kinda-like-an-ape-man Sasquatch. But our 18-hole, award-winning disc gold course.

With challenging wooded and water holes, the Sasquatch uses the natural beauty of Mayo Park and Mayo Lake to create a scenic, challenging course that will keep players on their toes.

The Sasquatch hosts several tournaments each year that draws participants from across North Carolina and Virginia. In combination with Piedmont Community College’s Rockness Monster Disc Golf Course, and Hyco Lake Park’s Kraken Disc Golf Course, Sasquatch makes Person County a great weekend trip for any disc golfer or easily-disappointed monster hunter.

Written by Person County Tourism
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